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Thinking Hats is a forward-thinking consultancy specializing in unveiling novel opportunities in product, consumer, and brand advancement.


Boasting its own Market Research division, Strategy department, and Innovation hub, Thinking Hats combines the expertise of seasoned professionals in both Psychology & Business Analytics.

Our accomplished team of AI and media specialists have pioneered the AI script evaluation tool, designed to refine scripts and mitigate potential shortcomings.


Complementing our AI tool, Thinking Hats seasoned consultants bring their acumen and insight to guide effective business strategies.

Thinking Hats: Weaving a Tapestry of Insights with Six Decades of Expertise

In an era where data is as valuable as currency, Thinking Hats emerges as a bastion of market intelligence and media mastery. The collective wisdom of the team, a staggering 60 years, is not just a number—it’s a legacy etched into the very fabric of the industry.

At Thinking Hats, every team member is a maestro, orchestrating a symphony of insights that resonate with the rhythms of the market. Our expertise stretches across the vast expanse of media and market research, encapsulating the vibrant energy of an industry that never sleeps.

Prodigies of Analysis

The analysis team at Thinking Hats is renowned for its ability to decipher complex market signals. With backgrounds in big-name research giants and media conglomerates, our analysts bring a nuanced understanding of consumer behavior and media consumption patterns.


Strategists of Storytelling

Our strategists are the storytellers of data, transforming numbers and trends into narratives that captivate and compel. Their strategies are not born out of mere speculation but are forged from the anvil of rigorous research and rich industry experience.


Architects of Innovation

We pride ourselves on being the architects who construct robust frameworks for data collection and analysis, leveraging cutting-edge technology and AI to stay ahead of the curve.

With over decades of collective experience, our team upholds the highest standards of data integrity and ethical research practices, ensuring that trust is never breached and confidentiality never compromised.

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